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How do I measure the blood pressure correctly at the medical practice? pdf
How do I measure the blood pressure correctly at home? pdf
How to carefully perform ambulatory blood pressure measurements (AMBP)? pdf
Which are the current pressure targets? pdf
How may I choose a proper blood pressure measurement device? pdf
What should be included in the initial evaluation of a hypertensive patient? pdf
When do you need to look for secondary hypertension? pdf
Which target organ damage should I always investigate? And how? pdf
How to initiate antihypertensive treatment? pdf
Should we really avoid to treat hypertensive patients with beta-blocker? pdf
How do I treat hypertension in the elderly? pdf
Which aspects of blood pressure treatment should be specifically considered in the elderly? pdf
Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy - what do I think? pdf
Blood pressure in children and adolescents - when is high too high? pdf